I am so excited to share this blog post.  I know it’s been a while since I have written one, but after shooting this amazing wedding day, I knew I had to do more than just share the photos.  Although the photos do show a glimpse of this very special day, they can’t quite capture the full love story of this family.


So yes, I say, of this family.  That’s truly what this wedding day was about.  Family.  As Jackie says, ‘It’s always about the kids, about our family.’ , and that is so evident when getting to know this couple.  Rick and Jackie met over five years ago.  Their first official date was on June 30th, 2012.  As they proceeded cautiously into their relationship, because of children, love blossomed naturally and easily for both of them.  Their devotion to their children has always taken priority, and even the fact that it took them 5 years to the day of their first date to get married, is a testament to that.  


Rick asked Jackie’s eldest son for her hand in marriage before proposing to his mom.  And on Valentine’s Day, after getting the kids up to present them with their Valentine’s  gifts (a family tradition), Rick proposed to Jackie and she said ‘Yes!’, with their children right there with them.  “That’s just who he is, romantic, and always thinking of the kids.”, says Jackie.   

When planning their wedding, they dreamed of a destination wedding on a beach with their kids around them.  But as life and circumstances would have it, this proved to be too much of a challenge.  So they opted for a more local ‘destination’ wedding!  Perth, Ontario was the perfect spot, a near and dear town that they have loved for many years.


On June 30th, 2017, exactly five years after their first date, I was privileged to attend and shoot their amazing day, and let me tell you, it was AMAZING!  Jackie was a dream bride, caring about details that would make her kids get the most out of the day.  The girls all had appointments to get nails done, hair done, and make-up for mom.  But this was all about the experience of it, not for the perfection of it. 


As a photographer, weddings can be stressful as many brides have very specific ideas for photos and how they want things to look…but this bride, just wanted the spirit of the day captured, and for their family to have photos that represented their love for each other, the love that was promised on that day.  Oh, and at least one photo with the Perth Water Tower in it…Done!  

The day’s forecast was awful…most bride’s would have been stressed and worried about the rain, but Jackie was totally at ease, and said, ‘If it’s raining, let’s just get married in the spa where I got my make-up done’…and that’s exactly what happened.  The wedding was short, sweet, and very personal to this incredible family.  Rick and Jackie’s vows included vows to the children and in turn, each child did a reading about family and love.  It was moving, and even behind my camera, a few tears were shed.  

They had planned a fun picnic in the park for after the ceremony.  Despite the rain, they carried out this plan, and it was Epic!  Because of the rain, there was no one else in the famous, Stewart Park.  So traipsing through the puddles and soaked lawns, they set up their picnic and ate cake and drank champagne.  It was JOY.  

IMG_1664 (1)IMG_1639IMG_7681IMG_7702

Jackie and Rick presented each of the children with a very special gift to commemorate the day, and as a symbol of their love and commitment to the family.  I am serious in saying, it was one of the most beautiful and intimate moments I’ve ever witnessed.  I feel so blessed to have been there to capture it for them.  


Jackie and Rick, I wish you years and years of life together.  Years with love that grows, develops, strengthens, and that upholds you through this journey of life we’re all on.  Your children are blessed by the love you share.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this incredible day.  

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