Covid_19 has changed so much in these weeks of ‘physical distancing’, ‘self-isolation’, and ‘quarantine’.  These phrases that have become part of our everyday speak, part of our kids’  new normal, and that will forever be part of their vocabulary because of living through this pandemic.


I have found my true calling in Portrait photography.  Taking an image of someone that shows their inner selves, their ‘divine-ness’.  But as many of you, this big part of me is on hold… pause… time-out.  It has been a process over the last few weeks, to allow myself the grace and the space to mourn the fact that I can’t express this part of me.  So many people are on hold.  On pause. WE are able to be on pause because of the amazing people that are holding it together in our grocery stores, in our medical facilities, in our township offices and so many other places of service.  I do not take this for granted.  I also do not want take away from the mourning that those of us who are on pause are experiencing.  It’s ok to acknowledge the sadness found in this ‘new normal’ for our kids.  It’s ok to mourn losses that seem petty.  We are trying to shed winter.



As we find ways to shift, to change, to grow and to deliberately take steps forward while in this moment of Pause, let’s support each other.  Let’s encourage the embracing of the perceived ‘mundane’, the ‘boring’.. the things that happen regardless of us.  Spring is a time of growth, of new life.  Finding new ways to express ourselves.


A new way that I will be expressing myself is by delving into Food Photography, and finding the joy in taking simple ingredients and transforming them into expressions of love and beauty for my family.  I hope you will enjoy this journey with me.


My friends, I hope you take care of yourselves and of your loved ones.  But I also hope that we take care of each other, our neighbours, and the strangers too.  Peace to you all.